News from Middletown Farm March 2013

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Obviously the most exciting and important news is the launching of the new website by Bruce Manning, the computer wizard from 4Site Web Services. Bruce designed the website, organised the layout and came up with all sorts of innovative ideas. We thought it would be good, but actually it is amazing, and we are all delighted with it. Thank you Bruce.

I have just had my fiftieth birthday. Graham took me out to dinner at The Three Choirs Vineyard restaurant. It is a beautiful place, the staff are friendly and the food is excellent. It was rather expensive but a really lovely treat and I felt vey spoiled indeed. We had a fabulous evening together. My friends gave me the very best type of birthday presents – the type you can share with
everybody else. You will see a very pretty Handkerchief Tree, (sometimes called a Dove Tree), Davidia involucrata, to the right as you come in the gate. See this YouTube video for more information. My Grandmother pointed one out to me when I was a young child and I have always loved them. I was also given fifty asparagus plants; a test of patience as we have to wait three years to eat the asparagus!

We are fortunate to enjoy the most beautiful wildlife at Middletown Farm which is usually an absolute delight. However, we were not quite so pleased when a huge, magnificent heron landed beside the plastic heron which is supposed to scare him off. He appeared to be socialising with it quite happily. Then he ate the Koi Carp leaving the goldfish and little black fish. We now have six new Koi Carp. Two are very pretty white, gold and black and the rest are orange and white. They are too little to be of interest to a hungry heron – hopefully! There is some type of spawn in the pond; two types, in fact, one with grey jelly and one with green jelly. I am showing it to everybody in the hope somebody will know what it is! We have also seen a beautiful frog with long stripey legs. Hopefully the spawn will produce some more interesting wildlife.

The geese are all well and laying eggs for us. We are hoping that they will show some interest in sitting on the eggs and hatching them. We have eaten some of the eggs and they are absolutely delicious, very creamy. One goose egg is the equivalent to three hens eggs. Our friends from the farm across the paddocks, Tish and Tim, made a magnificent omelette with an egg from our geese and sent us a photograph of it.

Upleadon Goose Omlette

Tish’s omelette

Upleadon Geese

Marco and Stanzi