News from Middletown Farm April 2013

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Newent Sealy BedsThe new Superking Sealy Posturpedic beds are proving very popular with all our visitors who tell us they have had good nights sleeps on them. One couple felt they needed to wave across to each other from the great distance between them! They have fitted in the bedrooms beautifully and we are very pleased we chose these particular beds.

Thirty one-month-old goslings arrived on the farm at the beginning of April. They are very
sweet indeed and we are enjoying looking after them. One of them needed an operation
on his eye and lived in a box in the kitchen for a while. He was looked after by Pomme, the
Border Collie who also herds the goslings when they need to be moved around the farm.

Pomme Ketley Gary the Gosling Newent Geese






The adult geese are all well. Marco started taking an interest in the children’s football and so Graham gave it a little kick for him. Marco has now turned out to be rather a keen footballer – he is such a character! You can see the game on our website here.  The family were all home for Easter. We had a fabulous outing to the International Centre for Birds of Prey in Newent. We all enjoyed it tremendously; there were so many different birds, from all over the World, clearly labelled and with facts and information about them. There were three wonderful flying demonstration that day, with different birds of prey and owls; we were told all about each one and it was so interesting. We all laughed nervously when one went missing and then laughed again with relief when he was found in the car park. Several eggs had hatched and we were able to watch the chicks being fed, each species in a different way according to how the mother would have fed it in the wild. Everybody felt you could go back again and again and enjoy the visit each time.
We also visited Highnam Court; it is very close to Middletown Farm and the gardens are gorgeous.  The house is open to the public on a number of occasions and it is well worth checking the website to see if there is anything going on whilst you are here.
We have been as busy in the garden as ever. I was the swamp monster for an afternoon pulling all the slimy weed out of the pond. Once it was removed, we discovered the fish that we thought the heron had eaten. We had replaced the fish with more so now we have a marvellous selection. The spawn disappeared and we started to see tadpoles swimming around.

Upleadon Flower

Various flowers are coming out and everything is starting to look lovely. The garden certainly got well watered during April with all the rain! There has been great activity in the greenhouse, bringing on seedlings. Hopefully we will have some lovely flowers and vegetables later in the year.
With best wishes to every body from all of us at Middletown Farm,
Dordie C Ketley
Middletown Farm, Middletown Lane, Upleadon, Gloucestershire GL18 1EQ
Tel: 0044 (0) 1531 828 261 or 0044 (0) 77 177 427 91
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  1. anne german

    Dear Dordie, i thought i would e mail you as well as leaving you a telephone message.
    I discussed the renting of POPPIES for a week on your farm and he said yes he would like that so i would like to book the week from FRIIDAY 25TH APRIL TO 02ND MAY 2014 as we discussed at the cost of £350.00 which you quoted. I would also like to discuss taking out the cancellation insurance with you so would appreciate it if you could ring me on 0113 2824529 also discuss how you would like me to pay the deposit securing the booking.

    I really enjoyed our chat this morning and hearing about the wildlife on the farm – plus the Geese -sounds lovely we will really enjoy our stay with you. Plus your website and face book page is very good and informative.


    Anne German.